Getting Traffic In Internet

This is the only actual hard part – well, not really the part, but rather making sure it all flows and you make money in the end.
The way you’re going to be getting the traffic is by informally advertising on people’s videos. What I mean by that is literally, going up to people and offering them money to put an annotation and a link in the description to your website in their video.
First thing you need to know – demographics. You need to check the amount of views the video has each month and who watches the video (the majority). To find it you click the stats button which is basically just a little graph of lines and a border around it. It’s located beside the video view counter.
Then it’ll pop up and either show the statistics or show you an error message meaning they don’t want to publicly show statistics. Only look at those with statistics available for view. Then you need to check the demographics. If the age group is within your desired age group then look onto the video views. It’ll say two dates, between xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx. Basically you need to find the approximate views at one point and another point. Then you do your math and find the average amount of views PER MONTH.
For example, for the video I’m viewing right now, the dates are between 11/06/10 and 24/09/12. The video views at 11/06/10 are about 250,000 and at the last date they’re 650,000 (well, you can just check the current view counter since it’s that). To find the rate, you can subtract those views and divide the answer by the approximate number of months. In my case it’s around 10,000.
Now the next thing you need to know is that the CTR (click-through-ratio) is about 0.5% in videos – sometimes larger and at other times smaller. So in my case there are going to be about 50 clicks. This really isn’t worth doing because I can only offer a max of $5/mo – however I can still try. So I’d move onto a next offer. Anyways…you’d be looking at offering them basically $.10 per click (which is nothing compared to Adwords). If there were 1,000 clicks, I’d offer them around $100/mo for the advertising space.
That’s the basic idea of this advertising method. It’s about finding statistics, analyzing and efficiently buying ads which you can profit off. Your average EPC will be $1, so don’t be worried about you wasting money – and the lifetime value of your customer will be more (about $2-3). This is also without the $997 backend offer. With a good backend offer you’d be looking at doubling or tripling EPC’s.
Remember to cut all the ads that aren’t paying off! You can track the clicks with and check how they’re converting with software (some have a vendor link, or campaign link).

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  1. Josephira says:

    i really like your face , nice signer, nice voice, i love the way you dance with sing and most of all very kind, friendly to your fans. thanks so much christina your my idol too among the others.i hope more albums/ videos to come in your life.

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