How to make money with Pagerank Google.

Simple & Realistic System Pasive Income Overview

  • Acquire a domain(s) with Minimum Pagerank 1, you can use one that you already have or invest in one and find many of these domains with this incredible tool called PR Powershot, it’s only about $17 and does an amazing job!
  • Important: Old domains with Pagerank and backlinks can be sold as is. So they are most often a good investment but why not monetize them smart to further enhance the value and make some money in the process.
  • Note: The effective time to implement each unit in this system is very small. However there’s a waiting period on a few days when purchasing domains. This is still totally worth it because you’re making good investments! Even though it’s rare, there’s always a chance to find HIGH PR domains that sell for BIG bucks.
  • Install WordPress on this domain in your hosting account: If you don’t have any hosting, here’s the one I recommend and use: Unlimited Websites – $0.01 / Month HostGator  with coupon code ” coupongator001
  • Create a Postlinks account and Install the Postlinks WordPress plugin and add the domain to you Postlinks account.
  • Important! You’ll be receiving articles and comments through the Postlinks system, make sure it’s suitable to do so for your website/domain
  • Repeat this simple process to add more blogs.

Did you think there was more to it? … Sorry to disappoint you … that’s all .. takes to make this simple system work. (More details on this further down)

2 responses on “How to make money with Pagerank Google.

  1. Gonzalo says:

    Lindsay Smith posted a betetr example link, but here is how I see this going. You have a .tel and instead of trying to keep LinkedIn, your blog, CrunchBase updated you just keep this profile updated. Makes sense to me. Update new email addresses, employer, main websites, etc, but

  2. Chad says:

    And show you how to BLAST through it

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