The Leaf

Project Description:

Mobile Website


The New Mobility is a full screen navigation made to jump the eye and make everything close in on the nav! Very fast loading, powered by epsilon, retina enabled and tablet enabled as well! Just awesome! You’re sure gonna love it!

All elements are dynamic, you can use as many as you want, they are just copy paste, replace with your information, done! That’s all!

The New Mobility is the backbone of Resepina , it has 2 stylesheets and Resepina has the style.css and graphic elements!

  • style.css, has all the design elements of the template!
  • framework-style.css, includes all typography sizes and colors, element styles, and design features for the elements in Epsilon, styled for Resepina
  • framework.css, includes the sizes, alignment, spacing, visual hierachy of the elements! This is basically the engine of Epsilon!

Recent work